Crazy ways to make and save money

1. ) Sell things. Sell your books, sell those old CD's (we all have mp3's now riiiiight?!), your old VHS tapes etc. Half price books and similar stores are your friends. If you have a collection, try craigslist or ebay.

2. ) This goes in with number 1. "Donate" your plasma. Essentially you are selling part of your body (you're so dirty!). You go in, get a little health checkup then they hook you up to a machine and cycle out your plasma. It's really not that bad, but PLEASE trust us when we say, EAT A GOOD MEAL BEFORE YOU GO. Or else.

3. ) Scrap that heavy old desk. Taking scrap metal to a scrap yard can sometimes be pretty lucrative, depending on what you're dropping off. If you see a big metal desk out in some ones trash, or know anyone who needs one hauled off, volunteer to do it and take it to a scrap yard and keep the cash! Plus, it's good for the environment - someday that desk will be a set of silverware!

4. ) If you live in an area that pays for cans, get out there and compete with the bums and start collecting cans. For the non-competitive, just collect your own. Ya slob!

5.) When you're at the grocery store, make sure to check out all the "managers specials". In the bakery these are usually items that are close to their "sell by" dates. You can get them really cheap, and if you plan on using them that night or the next they make for a great deal. Same goes for meats, and depending on what store you shop at - they even have a managers special rack for items. Chelsea just bought some $.50 eye liner that is really nice!