About us

Well, hello there. We see that you're here to get to know us - excellent! Bonjour!

Have you ever heard the phrase "Necessity breeds innovation"? Yea, well, so does laziness. This blog is based off both of those concepts, necessity and laziness. Together, we have bred this bastard blog.

Throughout the years we have tried numerous tactics of survival as college students - but the area we have continued to fail in is 1) becoming rich and 2) losing weight. We know that we're not the only ones struggling in the journey to be thin and rich so in the meantime we are stepping up to help lead you in the right direction!

Due to the fact that we have been unable to achieve goal number one and the variable of being college students, we are completely and utterly broke. It's disgusting. Being broke is not conducive to our 24/7 desire to eat. We are so poor we live in a spider infested basement that smells like cat pee, has a door frame so small that no decent furniture will fit inside and only has a total of 4 windows each the size of a ship's portholes (no kidding!). From this spider-hole we present to you "We can't stop eating so let's start cooking!". The first all - inclusive blog for broke folks who can't cook and are inefficient grocery shoppers. Welcome to our club. Bon appetite!

-Amberly and Chelsea-

UPDATE: The water from the kitchen sink now smells like wet dog.